Monday, September 10, 2007

Healthy Disability Bingo And The Need To Exercise

On Saturday Iodine played an incredibly healthy game of Bingo. Yes, I did state Bingo!

You see I have got an autistic boy and at the weekend we attended a Festival of Inclusion. It was a fantastic chance for people with disablements to have got fun, do friends and socialize.

Open to the general public, there were bands, entertainers, crafts, workshops, games, therapies and bingo. However, this lotto had a particular twist.

Instead of having numbers, the big laminated card game had images of fruit and veggies on them displayed in two rows, and above each row was a strip of Velcro.

Rather than using pens which some people with disablements happen difficult to grip, each participant was given a set of laminated cards. On one end of each colourful card there was a smiley human face and a little piece of Velcro on the back.

The thought was to guarantee the participants knew which manner the card had to travel so the pieces of Velcro would meet. It was ingeneous and enabled those people with limited motion to participate.

The "caller" had a box full of big laminated card game displaying a image of either a fruit or veggie together with its name. When she had called out the word, the card was held up for all to see and then pinned onto a board so the participants would have got a ocular hint as well as the spoken one.

It was a superb thought and my boy won. Guess what we got for a prize?

Yes - a box of fruit and vegetables.

As I said - it was a healthy game of Bingo!

Another healthy facet to the afternoon was the drinks. Obviously the organisers had made friends with a fruit provider and everyone was able to do a smoothy with their ain pick of ingredients.

This made a pleasant alteration from the normal transcribed drinks you happen at these mathematical functions which incorporate either immense amounts of processed refined sugar or unsafe aspartame.

Another thing you will happen in popular bubbling drinks is carbonic or phosphoric acid which is required to do the bubbles. However, these alteration the pH scale degree of your organic structure and leaching minerals from your bones.

One of the greatest jobs for women these years is osteoporosis. It is particularly distressing for women during and after the climacteric but low os denseness is becoming an increasing job for immature grownups too. This have been blamed on the high ingestion of carbonated bubbly drinks.

As I'm menopausal and my boy is a immature grownup I'm really glad the organizers made friends with the fruit and veggie provider as there were also jacket potatoes available filled with cheese or Opuntia tuna and sweet corn.


Yes - it was a lovely healthy day.

In complete contrast, last calendar month I went out for a counter Indian meal. It was a rare household outing and as I had never eaten anything Indian other than mild poulet korma I tried everything. Everyone did.

However, I was the lone 1 who gained weight - four lbs to be exact and yet I'd eaten far less than anyone else. Also, I'd washed my daintinesses down with H2O as opposing to pints of beer.

So what was the difference?

Muscle, or at least in my case, deficiency of it.

Now I cognize after the age of twenty you lose approximately half a lb of musculus per twelvemonth unless you make specific exercisings to reserve and construct it.

I haven't.

It's one thing knowing what to make but doing what you cognize is something else. You have got to take action if you desire to see results.

As you acquire aged your metamorphosis decelerates down and there is a decrease in growing internal secretion so you necessitate to make more than exercising just to keep the same weight.

Lean strong musculuses takes up less space than ugly fat, and as 1lb musculus Burns 1 hundred calories a twenty-four hours compared to the three burnt by 1lb fat, it's something for me to seriously believe about.

By my calculation I necessitate to eat 1600 calories a twenty-four hours less now than when I was twenty old age old just to maintain my weight. If I desire to lose some then I necessitate to seriously cut back or start exercising.

That's why I'm eating my fruit, imbibing my smoothy and doing musculus edifice opposition preparation as I type this article.

More cogent evidence we women can multi-task!

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