Monday, September 17, 2007

Colloidal Gold vs Ionic Gold

If colloidal gold merchandises incorporate the mineral as such as in the purest of forms, addendums labeled Ionic gold dwell of H2O in which gold salts have got been dissolved. Unfortunately you won't happen the great healing colloidal gold places within an Ionic gold solution, so don't be tricked into purchasing any liquid solution just because it reads "gold water". For a do-it-at-home diagnostic test of an Ionic gold chemical compound you may add a driblet of Ag nitrate into it and see if there is something like a cloud formed within; that is the clear mark the merchandise is not a colloid. Presently, there is a batch of information professional and against Ionic gold, whereas colloidal gold have already received many A++ inch the medical world.

Colloid gold merchandises in their bend may incorporate some little per centum of ions, but that is the consequence of the production procedure and it makes not impact the places of the mineral. The clearest mark you are about to utilize a clear and pure merchandise is the color: bright red. Sometimes owed to illume effects, the reddish colour may look darker, such as little fluctuations are normal and they are easily noticeable as the concentration of the gold in the suspension is higher. Furthermore, another chief characteristic particular to the best types of colloidal gold is the dimension of the bantam particles, which should be of three or four nanometers.

Very much of the curative consequence of the colloidal gold merchandises depends on this reaction surface; too big a size take downs the efficiency of the solution. How can one acknowledge atom dimension? With the bare oculus it is definitely impossible to state which colloidal gold is the right 1 for you; what you can make is wage attending to the colour variations, these actually point out to the gold pureness in the suspension. Bright ruby redness is the perfect colour for colloidal gold.

All in all, between Ionic gold and colloidal gold, the penchant and the recommendation definitely travels towards the latter. If you are to profit from the healing places and the positive influence on the nervous and unsusceptibility system, it's outdo to take colloidal gold over other supplements. Usually a teaspoonful per twenty-four hours is the right preventive dosage, but depending on the wellness problem, you may even administrate four teaspoons or more. The dose very much depends on the mineral concentration and the therapist's advice.

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