Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Pros and Cons Of The Food We Eat

Within my lifetime, we ate from the land. Even though we lived in town, we had a garden, apple trees, pigs and milk from goats. We preserved all the nutrient we could for the winter. How different we eat today with our supermarkets and such.

We are now fast nutrient junkies. We dwell on what I name "belly wash".

The nutrient we purchase must be fast, convenient and easy to prepare. We have got microscope slide from the psyche nutrient of the past to the fast nutrient of the present.

This have led to a diet of processed nutrients filled with empty calories. Our nutrients are full of grains and refined sugars that are the causes of the corpulence population.

We are now fleshy with an inordinate amount of redness in our bodies. Our wellness have gone to Hell and back. It looks everyone have Type two Diabetes or have a bosom status or cancer. In my ain body, I am experiencing the striving of inflammations. As I change the nutrients I eat, the hurting is less. I desire to share with you what I am experiencing.

I am coming to the decisions that many of our uncomfortablenesses can be corrected by altering what we eat. It plays an of import function in all our known dis-eases.

The diet I am experiencing now restricts my consumption of grains and no sugars. I am finding it very hard to happen nutrients that have got no grain or grain merchandises in them. Corn is in everything.

Corn sweetenings business relationships for 55% of the sweetenings on the market. If you read the labels, you will happen high fruit sugar maize sirup in everything like breads, cereals, etc.

Eighty percentage of our farming area is used to turn corn. Other than soy, maize is the most genetically modified harvest on the market. We don't cognize yet what the personal effects that volition have got on the body.

The word organic is the cant in the marketplace signifying that the nutrient is free from man's interventions such as as pesticides, hormones, particular feeds, etc. This usually indicated a little husbandman conforming to all the rules. Now large money is coming into the picture. Watch out. I don't trust the corporate world; they are paper tigers without liability. The mentality of the people running the show is the underside line.

I have got been avoiding grains in my diet. The other nighttime I was snacking on adust whole grain corn crackers. My organic structure rejected them by up-chucking them. Iodine presume that my organic structure is allergic to wheat, if I pay attending to what it is telling me. I had experienced the same sense experience in the past when eating Rudi's whole grain breads. I love to eat breadstuff as a snack. Now I can't.

Corn and maize Federal animate beings we utilize for nutrient are coming under examination by the scientists. The surveys are beginning to demo a analogue of when we started consuming great amounts of grain merchandises with our diminution in health. Corn as well as rice, wheat, barley, rye and oats are processed to the point that the organic structure converts them to instantaneous sugars. In the procedure of processing, the chaff and the source cell are removed leaving only the endosperm, which is all starch. Starch is a complex carbohydrate.

That's bad.

This causes a spike in insulin. This causes an overall opposition to insulin and an elevated blood refined sugar level. This Pbs to the physiology of Type two Diabetes.

P.S. Iodine lost twenty lbs experimenting with the nutrient I eat.

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