Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hydrate Your Body For A Better World

The footing of our life here on World is freedom. Freedom of head and organic structure are the bases of our corporate desire for a just and peaceful civilization. To trip the vibes and fruitions of peace and freedom we must incarnate freedom. To incarnate freedom, that is, to bask life life hurting free and able to take a breath deeply is overriding to expressing freedom within household and society. Freedom within is linked intimately and inextricably to the free motion of energy within our body.

In order to show joyousness we necessitate free motion of idea and physiological function. You cognize on a deep degree the importance of proper hydration. To be lectured by a physician about the demand for drugs when what the organic structure necessitates first and first is proper hydration is a error easily preventable. An troy ounce (rather 6-10 8oz. Glasses) of bar is worth… A lb of your happiness.

Live free within the organic structure by consuming tons of delightful H2O and the psyche will thrive. Thoughts of a non-resistant nature come up to the head of our lives and direct a pulsation of loving energy across this vibrational universe. One psyche connected with the Godhead beginning within is as influential as billions who are not.

To let peace and freedom of organic structure through proper hydration is to acquire in touching with the free fluent energy of source. Our physical organic structure is primarily water. Our birthright is freedom. Feed your interior springtime day-to-day and bask the influence of beginning in your life.

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