Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nutrition and Weight Loss - Carbohydrates, Do I Need Them?

Many of us choose to cut out a specific food group in our diets as a means for weight loss. The most popular choice seems to be excluding Carbohydrates from our daily diets. But do we need them, and are we putting our bodies at risk by excluding this food group?

The best bet when weighing the options of a no-carb died is to go low-carb, and to monitor which carbohydrates you are including in your diet. We need to make sure to choose unrefined foods rich in carbohydrates over the processed foods, which tend to lack the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need, as well as being a cause for both diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Carbohydrates are used to supply our bodies with the energy we need to function. Period. We tend to confuse the lack of exercise and the increased consumption of the WRONG carbohydrate consumption with a more healthy carbohydrate consumption. What we need to be focusing on is choosing the right carbohydrates, along with exercise.

The main reason our bodies will store excess carbohydrates as fat is when we are consuming more calories than we are burning in the day. The simple solution to this is to monitor our carbohydrate intake, and to incorporate an exercise plan into our day to ensure that we are burning these calories we are consuming.

The best time of day to get your daily carbohydrates is in the morning. You will have all day to use the energy provided and to burn off what you have taken in.

Our bodies need carbohydrates. There ARE some that are better for us, and we should make sure we are consuming the right amount of the right carbohydrates for a healthy diet and overall healthy lifestyle.

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